2017 CCSLC

We congratulate the students who sat the CCSLC Examinations. Four subjects were sat by each student. Here are the results:



Subject Percentage Master (M) Competent (C) Developing COmpetent (DC)
English A 100% 5 4
French 77% 2 5 2
Mathematics 100% 2 7
Spanish 100% 2 7
Total 94% 11 23 2






Service at the Goodwill Deliverance Baptiste Church

There are so many places we could have gone for our end of school year activity, but we chose to attend a service at the Deliverance Baptiste Church. This service was a special one that was  greatly appreciated by all who attended, including members of the church.

The service was officiated by Pastor David Serrant and “Praise and Worship” was led by the Hilltop Singers.

Pastor Serrant gave a deep reflection of a reading taken from 1st King 3:5 – 14. He said that God has a design for the life of each one of us, something special. “Unfortunately we have missed the boat because we have a mind of our own which sometimes lead us astray and so we need to get back on the boat”.

Pastor Serrant used King Solomon as an example to teach us the true meaning of ‘success’. He said that success is not achieving all what we want in life; it is including God in our life. To be successful, one need to walk in the right path, doing what is right.

He informed the students that they can hide from their teachers, parents and even friends, but they cannot hide from God. He also told those gathered that the God we serve is a relevant God who is active in our life.

“Never come to the conclusion that you have it all! Always be dependent on God. Depend on him for his wisdom and guidance just like Solomon did in the book of kings. Do not keep God outside of your life. Make a request like Solomon; not for riches but asking Him to enter into your life. Ask God to show you what is right from wrong. As students you must try to act like Solomon. Ask the Lord for the ability to know and chose right from wrong”.

According to Pastor Serrant, wisdom is putting into practice what one knows. He advised students that when asking the Lord for things, don’t always ask for material things. ‘Don’t let the things you desire get the better of you’.

Mr. Pinard brought the service to an end with a song entitled “Seek Him Now While You are Young”. The vote of thanks was done by Denzel George, a 4th form student.

After the church service, the school went to the Home for the Aged to donate some dry goods, visit the residents and to put smiles on their faces. The visit touched the hearts of many students.

To God Be The Glory!




Change of Plans for End of Term Activity

Parents please be advised that there is a change of plans for Tuesday 4th July, 2017.

  1. Students are to report to school for the usual time in perfect uniform.
  2. There will be a Prayer Service at the Deliverance Baptiste Church-Goodwill. The service will be delivered by Pastor Serrant and Hilltop Singers.
  3. There will be a visit to the Infirmary – Home for the Aged; Bath Road, Roseau from 10:30 am.
  4. Students will be dismissed before 2:00 pm from the Infirmary- Home for the Aged.
  5. We solicit a contribution from parents/guardians towards this activity.
    1. $10.00 without groceries
    2. $7.00 with groceries
  6. The groceries are for the inmates of the institution. The cash is also to help defray the cost of transportation.

Parents and guardians are encouraged to attend the church service. You may also wish to visit the Infirmary- Home for the Aged located on Bath Road Roseau.

We thank you for your understanding and co operation.

Principal of DCHS

Return of Text Books!

Please be advised that the students who have scholarships\bursaries from the Ministry of Education and the Education Trust Fund are to return books on the date mentioned below.

These text books are to be delivered to the ‘Junior Secondary Programeme” (JSP) building at Bath Estate from 8:30am to 3:30 pm on the given dates.

  • From V: 23rd June 2017
  • Forms I to IV: 19th July 2017

Father’s Day Assembly 2017

This year’s Father’s Day Assembly was  a very special one at the school. We showed appreciation to the deceased, Sir Elisha Gabriel Dalyrample, a former teacher of the school, a fatherly mentor and also two our male teachers, Sir Egbert JnoBaptiste and Sir Jason Daisy.

We observed the death of Mr Elisha Gabriel Dalyrample by inviting Dr Jeremy to share about the life of Sir Dalyrample. She presented CDs to the students. The CD is a compilation of songs dedicated to the life of Mr Dalyrample.

The male teachers were presented each with a slice of cheesecake and a Father’s Day Card signed by the students.

D’man Piper, a third form student, serenaded to the fathers singing a song entitled “A Trophy’s Father and Trophy’s Son”. This brought the assembly to a close.

Dominica Community High School Carnival Band 2018

Dominica Community High School Carnival Band

Name of Band: Mas Nou Mem Domnik

Theme: ‘De Real DA Karnaval’

Objectives: To

(1) generate pride for the traditional costumes

(2) expose students to the art of traditional costume making (sensay and souswel souwi)

(3) raise awareness among students of the history of  traditional mas.

Number of revelers: 100 plus

Band Sections:

  1. Sensay – A colourful overall made of threaded recycled material (plastic bags (used to bag sugar etc) covers, fig leaf).
  2. Souswell Souwi – Rat shape multi-colour with small mirrows glued on and a large straw hat covered with colourful frills.
  3. Darkies – a) Blackened suits (jacket and pants) with a long black rope whip. b) Blacken bodies covered with black swim suit.
  4. Moko Jumbie/Bwa Bwa – Individuals several feet above ground, covered with a colourful costume.
  5. Ban Move’ – Colourful costume mainly worn by men, consisting of a woman’s dress or skirt with a pant underneath. A large straw hat with a long tip completes the costume.
  6. Karifuna Mass – A colour costume worn with decorated boat shaped hat.
  7. Old Mass – 
    1. Women with excess behinds made from pillows or baskets
    2. Pappy show weddings, with couples swapping places
    3. Revelers mimicking different characters or attires (men in dress, men in pampers, police and fire officers with their supporting props.
    4. Showcase of National wear (Wobb dwiyet, jipe)

Indicate your interest. Registration is at the school.




Chester Durand Does it Again!

On Saturday 3rd June, 2017, Chester participated in a local Meet held at GrandBay. He emerged a victor.

The event dubbed “Isidore Road Race”  was a 4 kilometer race which took place in GrandBay.

Chester was registered for the under eighteen category.

Chester captured the 1st place position in that category and placed 3rd overall.

Chester represented the Pioneer Athletics Club of which he is a member.

Dominica Community High School encourages Chester Durand, a third form student of the DCHS.