About: History of School

Section of the school

Section of the school

The Dominica Community High School is a non-government self help project established in 1978.It thrives on the motto “Self-Reliance for a better Future”.

The D.C.H.S started at the grounds of the Dominica Grammar School in the late 70’s and was run and operated by parents and well wishers with the assistance of a few teachers.

Its doors were first open to accommodate students who did not pass the Common Entrance Examinations and those students who had sat the Junior Secondary Programme and were still in primary School at the ages of 14 to 15 years old.

Today, the school is located at Savanne Park on property that once served as the animal husbandry section of the former Dominica Defense Force. From 1981, the school has been manned by the principal, Mrs Celia Nicholas. The staff is now comprised of nine teachers, one individual on special assignment and another responsible for the agricultural crop production and animal husbandry.

The school has a population of about 90 students ranging from ages 11 to 19 and now caters to those who sat and passed the common entrance examinations. The school has five classrooms; forms 1 to 5, a computer room, library, Science laboratory, staff room and principal’s office.

The D.C.H.S is the only high school using solar energy in the commonwealth of Dominica.The school is establishing itself as going green by implementing two environment-friendly projects; generating renewable energy by solar power, as well as the provision of an alternate energy source of recycling of waste material, example grass and dry leaves.

We are also involved in the rearing of poultry as well as rabbits and the involvement of planting crops with the use of a green house. The produce from each venture is sold to the parents, staff and the general public.

In order to establish a ‘green school’, the D.C.H.S will promote sustainable development and environmentally sound practices in its Agricultural Science programme.

Over the years, the Dominica Community High School has evolved and is able to deliver the same level of education like any other secondary school on the island.  We have seen many past students holding prestigious positions in society. Some of the positions being lawyers, doctors, engineers, CEO’s and at present there are three former students who are active members of the Parliament  of the Commonwealth of Dominica. Although we are a young school, we are a force to be reckoned with.





5 thoughts on “About: History of School

  1. The Dominica Community High School is a well-developed agricultural high school.It follows the Ministry of Education mission statement, “To educate and prepare all students to live productive lives in a complex and changing society”. The Dominica Community High School is known for training students to be disciplined and well-behaved.


  2. The Dominica Community High School is place of great discipline and we are mainly focused on the agriculture ,which may give us a head start in the future if we plan on undertaking the field of agriculture as an occupation.


  3. The Dominica Community High School could be described as a family oriented school in the sense that the teachers along with the students work together in order to fulfil their goal. Like any other institution there are challenges, but this does not take away from the welcoming atmosphere when you enter the school. I am certain that when a student leaves the Community high School after their five years, they would have learnt, not only academics, but proper etiquette, something which is lacking in our society today. I applaud the efforts of the teachers and Principal, who try their best to make the Dominica Community High School what it is today.


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