Dominica Community High School Carnival Band 2018

Dominica Community High School Carnival Band

Name of Band: Mas Nou Mem Domnik

Theme: ‘De Real DA Karnaval’

Objectives: To

(1) generate pride for the traditional costumes

(2) expose students to the art of traditional costume making (sensay and souswel souwi)

(3) raise awareness among students of the history of  traditional mas.

Number of revelers: 100 plus

Band Sections:

  1. Sensay – A colourful overall made of threaded recycled material (plastic bags (used to bag sugar etc) covers, fig leaf).
  2. Souswell Souwi – Rat shape multi-colour with small mirrows glued on and a large straw hat covered with colourful frills.
  3. Darkies – a) Blackened suits (jacket and pants) with a long black rope whip. b) Blacken bodies covered with black swim suit.
  4. Moko Jumbie/Bwa Bwa – Individuals several feet above ground, covered with a colourful costume.
  5. Ban Move’ – Colourful costume mainly worn by men, consisting of a woman’s dress or skirt with a pant underneath. A large straw hat with a long tip completes the costume.
  6. Karifuna Mass – A colour costume worn with decorated boat shaped hat.
  7. Old Mass – 
    1. Women with excess behinds made from pillows or baskets
    2. Pappy show weddings, with couples swapping places
    3. Revelers mimicking different characters or attires (men in dress, men in pampers, police and fire officers with their supporting props.
    4. Showcase of National wear (Wobb dwiyet, jipe)

Indicate your interest. Registration is at the school.





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