1st Class Honours

Dedicated to her calling as a teacher and her love for Spanish, Miss Timothy began her journey at the Dominica State College two and a half years ago. Even with a Bachelor’s Degree in Education from a university in Venezuela, following the advice of her principal, Miss Timothy decided to do the Associate Degree in Secondary Education at the Dominica State College.

She never stopped working even when she felt drained from her daily activities. Miss Timothy was engaged in intense courses among them Classroom Management, Measurement and Evaluation, Spanish as a Second Language. She scored almost perfect scores in the majority of her courses. Psychology being the most challenging course.

Her intense work and college schedules, extra classes with her students, a hectic private life involving community service through the Rotaract and Rotary Clubs and her college classes did not prevent Miss Timothy from graduating at the top of her class (Secondary School Education) with 1st Class Honours – Summa Cum Laude.

Principal, teachers and students were extremely proud of the success of Miss Timothy. She has proven that hard work, dedication and determination do pay.

Congratulation to Jasmine Timothy. All at Dominica Community High School are proud of you and salute your milestone.


Creole Day Celebration 2018

Creole Day activities were a great success. We began with the Creole Day Breakfast. Food contributed by parents and guardians of students were served.

From 12:00pm a Creole Speaking Competition was held and Dontre Lockhart of 5th form won this activity. During intermission, creole music was played and the students sang along. The second activity for the day was a Mr. and Ms. Creole. Pairs of students entertained those present with their dances and performances.

Present at this activity was a past student, Hilary Samuel who was greatly pleased with what he saw, surprised those present by awarding the winning couple with $20us each. Congratulations to all those who participated, especially Addisa Jno Baptiste and Dontre Lockhart.

This proves to show you that Mrs. Nicholas words are very important to listen to! She always try to remind the students that they should never shy away from participation and when they do participate always give their best, because one never knows who is looking on.


Donation of School Bags

Range Development, in collaboration with National Youth Council and by extension the Youth Division, on Thursday 25th October, 2018, had a handing over ceremony of school bags.

The representative, Sherika Winston, Assistant Youth Officer for the Roseau North and the Valley made the presentation at the school.

The school bags had stationary and respective students were given a bag each.


Poster Competition

The Global Environmental Fund (GEF) hosted a poster competition for high school students. The competition allowed artistic students to showcase their talents. The students’ creation should have highlighted issues relating to climate change. Lila Turban, Isiah James and Samuel Prosper took part in the competition.

The poster competition was sponsored by Western Children Federation. We take this opportunity to congratulate Samuel Prosper for clinching the 3rd place in this competition.

Here are the official results:

1st place – Asaph Corriette – Pierre Charles Secondary School – $500.00

2nd place – Cheslsey Alie – Convent High School – $300.00

3rd place – Samuel Prosper – Dominica Community High School – $200.00

We congratulate all the winners and encourage the other students who participated.


Chester, Pursuing His Athletic Dreams

IMG-20181015-WA0022Heart pounding, mind set on his ultimate goal, representing Dominica in the Olympics, Chester Durand ran his first race in Argentina. On Saturday 13th October, 2018, Chester ran in stage I, heat 3 of 3, in the men’s 800 meters.

The fastest eight athletes from stage I progressed to stage II. Chester placed ninth in his heat with his first personal best of 2:06:49, 17 seconds behind the first place position in his heat.

Given a second chance to qualify, Chester ran another race beating his recent personal best once again. Though, at the end, Chester did not qualify, he showed those present what genuine resilience is all about.

In an interview with a reporter in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Chester recounted his experience of Hurricane Maria. “Everything changed overnight. It took me about four months to get back into training… . The experience taught me to appreciate things that I had more and make use of the little that I have, and when we bounce back and get back to normal, that I can appreciate it more and make the most out of it”.

Chester, 16 year old of the Dominica Community High School, and the other athletes, were called champions representing resilience at the Buenos Aires Youth Olympics Games and given the title “The Hurricane Children”. We congratulate all the athletes who represented Dominica, especially our own, Chester Durand.


Surprise! Surprise!

The hight point of Teacher Appreciation Day, was the surprise visit by Ronald Charles – a past student of the Dominica Community High School.

Ronald Charles is an attorney – at – law, an executive member of the United Workers’ Party and President of the Dominica Cycling Association. He thought it fitting to visit his alma mater, bearing gifts of appreciation.

Looking over the school, he reminisced about his years at the school. The chores that he did and the students and teachers who crossed his path during his years at the school.

His visit was definitely a surprise and the principal and his former teachers were all happy to see him on this special day.


World Teacher’s Appreciation Day Celebration 2018

It was an auspicious day for students to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Day on Thursday 4th October, 2018. Teacher Appreciation Day began as the students presented gifts as tokens of respect and appreciation to their teachers, during the morning assembly.

A special breakfast was organized by the teachers. Teachers sat together to enjoy a sumptuous breakfast.

All at the Dominica Community High School wish all teachers a successful academic year, 2018 – 2019.