Spanish Assignment 1st Form

Using the country given, create a scrapbook including information about the following points. (20 points).

  1. Cover page with the map of the country you represent (as explained in class)
  2. National Dish of your Spanish country and an explanation of the national dish.
  3. National Wear of your Spanish country and an explanation/description of the national dress.
  4. A famous person of the Spanish country you represent and why is this person famous.
  5. A coloured picture (printed or drawn) of the National Flag of the Spanish country you represent and a description of that flag.

This assignment is due next week Tuesday, the 25th September, 2018. In your scrapbook, ensure that you have a copy of the rubric which is in the link below.

Cultural Emergence Rubric



PTA Meeting

There will be a PTA Meeting for all parents of the Dominica Community High School on Wednesday 19th September 2018. The meeting begins at 4:15pm. All are invited as there are important information to be given to all parents/guardians.

Aime Cesaire Essay Competition

‘ I am a man, a Martiniquan, a coloured man, a nigger, the man of one land, one geography, the man of one story, the man of struggle.’

During a week-long activities for French Week 2018, a few students of the Dominica Community High School, took part in an Essay Competition which was based on the life of a famous Martiniquan poet, Aime Cesaire.

Aime Cesaire was born on June 26th 1913 and died on April 17th 2008. He grew up in an era where not every child went to school, especially those in the countryside who had to work on the fields. He grew up in a time that even though slavery was abolished it was still extremely hard for people of colour to get an education, much less live their dreams of becoming a poet.

After being informed that the French essay competition was not only won by a student from our school (Jerniah Copiel), we were pleasantly surprised to learn that another student from our school (Samuel Prosper) captured the second prize and a short presentation will be done at our school on May 10th 2018.

The President of Alliance Frances, Mr. Dion Henderson and Committee Member, Mrs Sonia Akpa, presented the winners with their prizes at the Dominica Community High School.

Emergency Toiletries

On May 8th 2018, representatives from Red Cross Dominica and the Ministry of Health visited the Dominica Community High School. They came bearing gifts of emergency relief toiletry for both students and staff.

Before the presentation of the toiletry packages, the representatives of the Ministry of Health did an oral presentation on the proper way of washing one’s hands to ensure that 90% if not all the bacteria are removed from the hands.

The techniques of proper hand washing was demonstrated and the packages were presented to the school.

At the first period of the day for normal classes, science teacher, Mr. Jno Baptiste took out his first formers to the hand pipes outside to reinforce what was said during the assembly. Students could be seen doing what was taught to them.

During the course of the day, students form different forms were observed enjoying washing their hands how it was taught to them during assembly.

We thank the Red Cross for visiting our school.

Donation of Agricultural Seeds

At the end of the School Leaving Ceremony of the Dominica Community High School, on May 4th, 2018, representatives from the Rotary Club of Dominica and a representative from the Rotaract Club of South St. Lucia, made a presentation of agricultural seeds to the school. Some of the seeds donated were pepper, lettuce, cabbage and red beans.

The principal, Mrs. Nicholas, accepted the seeds on behalf of the teachers of Agricultural Science. Present was the school leaving class of 2018, who worked tirelessly in getting a small section of the agricultural land ready for the CSEC SBA practical segment after the passage of Hurricane Maria.

We thank the Rotary Club of Dominica for yet another well needed and greatly appreciated donation to our school and its partner club, the Rotary Club of St. Lucia for realizing the importance of agriculture and the need to start back planting swiftly after the passage of Hurricane Maria in September, 2018.